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I once told you of a place….a place where only I dare venture
I told you I would show you… one day.
Well, here it is. My own personal hell…a place that exists only in my mind
But which is nonetheless real to me…. It is important to me.

A place where every moment is pain
I try so hard to stop… I bleed, yet death is to my disdain
It’s not real, my tears free to reign
I try to stop, my fears, am I insane?

A place where life is black and white
Stems out of a ground so dark, so vile and stained
Resembles a hell, where fires ravage but never meet
And light is tarnished, so vile, so sweet

The place where I lay, my comfort
This rock is the only life, I know
My life, my support, it’s just a rock
Untarnished and worn, and so cold

I try to escape, but the blood…
My hand, it tries to stop it
It’s not real… I make my escape
I cradle instead, when this is over… I’ll pray.

Luigee Mroof
11 January 2008