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My heart you will forever sway
With a song only you can delate
Until my very soul elates
Into a state one should never mistake

To you my presence clear I now make
With more than any rhyme will ever relate
With more than any rose will ever translate
Far more than any fool will ever misstate

With that said, I found this astray
I found him by fate saying something of May
Running away in fear, screaming soothsay
Holding close to his heart, he mentioned your name

His eyes full of pain, tears reigned disdain
He said, ‘She doesn’t love me, dismay
Yet I must suffer these tears self-made?’
So I smacked him, thank me later he may

I love you, that is my say
To find you in May, that is my fate
Take this fool who loves you by nightshade
He longs for a chance to show you love’s sway

— Luigee Mroof —
14 May 2008