My name’s Luigee. I’m in my late twenties, currently residing and conducting business in the Dallas/Ft. Worth vicinity. I’m a photographer, still a little fresh to the business scene and very eager to learn, to advance, and most importantly, to create…art.

My motivation lies in the creation of my work, photographs that for most are just a record of a single moment in time. To me, they are far more than just memories. They’re stories, some more eloquent than others. Every story has the potential to be beautiful if only captured in the right light, with appropriate composition, use of color, concepts of design, and so on.

I bought my first camera in May of 2007. Before then, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I studied business in college, but the thought of running my own business never even occurred to me. I always knew, however, that I wanted to be an artist. I tried all sorts of mediums, from music to acting to drawing and painting, and cooking. None of these things really stood out for me. In 2006, I managed to get a job in retail working for Walgreens, “the pharmacy America trusts.” I started as a cashier, like most before me. Then I moved to the photo lab. Before becoming “certified,” I of course had to learn a few things about how the machines worked, including basic things about photos. Before this, I had no idea how film worked, what a “pixel” was, and worst of all, I had no idea that light had anything to do with the creation of a photograph. Walgreens corporate has a great training program set up for its employees. Unfortunately, individual store management isn’t always conductive to a productive learning environment. Their goal was to get me to agree to have learned all the material by scrolling down through the training, hitting “done,” and getting to work… and I would have been just another drone who knew just enough to get by without ever truly understanding what I was dealing with, but my curiosity got the best of me. I became fascinated with everything photographic. There were cameras of all shapes and sizes, different films, photo-sensitive paper, copyright laws, machine calibration and chemicals; then there were the digital concepts: memory cards, dimensions, color management..so many things to learn. I took it upon myself to make notes of these things I didn’t understand, and I went out and researched. I learned everything I could about the work I was now performing. I was developing film, handling photo-sensitive paper, disposing of photo chemicals. I loved that Fuji machine. I even learned how to manually calibrate the print quality… In short, my customers always got the best possible prints from that machine. During this time, I purchased my first camera. It was a point-and-shoot, the Sony dh-9. It was not a dslr (digital single lens reflex), but it had dslr-like controls. It had manual controls. In a way, that camera was like my first bike with training wheels. I moved on to earn my license to practice pharmacy. That job in pharmacy was my longest-held, highest paying, job before I made the big leap into the world of professional photography.

I continued to shoot while working full-time in the pharmacy, of course. In 2010, I purchased my first dslr camera (Nikon). In 2011, I purchased my first strobe and set of studio equipment. In 2012, professional photography became my primary form of income. I’m also a bit of a math geek on the side, but that’s another story.

In 2008, I shot my first wedding. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I was extremely nervous, anxious, and scared to death that first time, but as it turned out, the images were very well received. I shot my first wedding for no money at all. The experience was worth more to me than anything. I’ve done so many of them by now, however, that I have lost count. I still get a little nervous, anxious, and scared every time but in a good way. I know all the drills. I know where to be and what shots are vital. I love shooting weddings. It’s thrilling, rewarding, and best of all, they can be extremely romantic. I do enjoy a good love story, and what better way than by capturing it myself, experiencing it first hand, vicariously through the lens, of course.

I do love weddings, but I don’t limit myself to them by any means. There is so much more out there to capture. My motivation lies in the objective of subjective creation, meaning I will photograph anything that can be photographed, so long as I can recount a story though the final image.

This will be my first blog ever. I have never blogged before. I’m anxious and excited about the possibilities in store. My goal for this blog is to share my knowledge, experience, and photographs with all the readers I am lucky enough to have stop by. Thank you all for reading. I hope my posts are helpful, informational, fun to read, and to a greater degree, inspiring. Bon lit!

Contact info:

Luigee Mroof
972 900 1012


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