The Conversation


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“Was it not his angel he just lost!?
She had more beauty than any one of us!
She had more grace than Jesus on the cross!
Gave more life than Ghandi pleaded not…”

“Wait! His motives were not unjust!
She clipped his wings; He cried ‘I must!’
Dismay found the fool running amuck,
Smacked him blue, and called him a schmuck”

“Ha Ha serves him right for running like a duck!
Quacking white sonnets stolen from disparity!
And praying that only she can form his parody!
Bigger fools have perished, yet only he cries lost in clarity!”

“He is no duck and certainly not a schmuck
He’s still our brother, like it or not, albeit his wings
He will regain… white halo worn from tainted horns
She has no price, yet I fear he might reprise…”

“Fool, let him be, if he must carry on screaming soothsay
Running around the forest like an idiot, I should say!
Never mind that she will never love him blindly…
His heart may never beat so kindly…”

–Luigee Mroof–
16 January 2010

The Gift


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My heart you will forever sway
With a song only you can delate
Until my very soul elates
Into a state one should never mistake

To you my presence clear I now make
With more than any rhyme will ever relate
With more than any rose will ever translate
Far more than any fool will ever misstate

With that said, I found this astray
I found him by fate saying something of May
Running away in fear, screaming soothsay
Holding close to his heart, he mentioned your name

His eyes full of pain, tears reigned disdain
He said, ‘She doesn’t love me, dismay
Yet I must suffer these tears self-made?’
So I smacked him, thank me later he may

I love you, that is my say
To find you in May, that is my fate
Take this fool who loves you by nightshade
He longs for a chance to show you love’s sway

— Luigee Mroof —
14 May 2008

It Was a Cold and Dreaded Night


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It was a cold and dreaded night
She said blue was blue and white was white
But what I saw was not in sight
“Your hands are cold,” she said

So she took the knife and plunged it deep into my heart
And at the height of my anguish, she revealed her card
A picture of a baby’s skeleton holding a red rose with black thorns
“You cannot hold me,” she said

Ignoring prior warning, I took the blindfold and wore it proud
I tasted her sweet voice, followed her musical lips
Imploring hollow morning, I led her to the pedestal
“I will make you suffer,” she said

I felt a cold red tear flow down my cheek,
Dripping past my freezing hands,
Shattering as black crystals on the floor
“It is the poison,” she said

Everything she said was a lie
My heart was right, the stars were aligned
Yet I felt empty… I waited for the stars to collide…
“I am not yours,” she said.

–Luigee Mroof–
27 April 2009

With This Rose


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With this rose, I show you the way
Please leave, my heart longs to sway
Once more to a song far away
Yet you stand there as if to say

“I found a new way
With you, I want to stay
Please, won’t you say,
‘I still love you, dismay’

Find me once more in May
Here I stand, never to fade
I will never go away
Your heart I will forever sway

With notes more beautiful each day
With an ocean of tears I pay
With what do I remain? If I may…
Find me once more in May”

I find my heart and look away
Beating stronger your way
Overwhelmed, I must look away
You don’t deserve me, not today!

–Luigee Mroof–
10 February 2008

I Once Told You of a Place


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I once told you of a place….a place where only I dare venture
I told you I would show you… one day.
Well, here it is. My own personal hell…a place that exists only in my mind
But which is nonetheless real to me…. It is important to me.

A place where every moment is pain
I try so hard to stop… I bleed, yet death is to my disdain
It’s not real, my tears free to reign
I try to stop, my fears, am I insane?

A place where life is black and white
Stems out of a ground so dark, so vile and stained
Resembles a hell, where fires ravage but never meet
And light is tarnished, so vile, so sweet

The place where I lay, my comfort
This rock is the only life, I know
My life, my support, it’s just a rock
Untarnished and worn, and so cold

I try to escape, but the blood…
My hand, it tries to stop it
It’s not real… I make my escape
I cradle instead, when this is over… I’ll pray.

Luigee Mroof
11 January 2008

I Love You


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Just because you are you
And no one else can look as you
On this night of hue so true
I love you just because you are you

In lieu of you no one else will do
I will love you till the ends bid adieu
And in many ways I will belong to you
For always, this I promise you

Dance with me anew
Under the stars of yester cue
And I will sing to you
A song of endless woo

My heart, say you do
Love me as I love you
And the moon will have no clue
When at the strike of noon I make love to you

My heart, if only you knew
Just how true I feel for you
A gentle kiss once more till morning dew
And a lifetime of happiness I will give to you

— Luigee Mroof —
19 March 2008